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National Membership

National Membership

Go to www.swe.org, scroll over the MEMBERSHIP tab and click "Join"
  1. A login page appears scroll down and click Become a Member (Non-member)
  2. Enter your email and name click next
  3. Create profile with California State University, Long Beach of as your University or College 1
  4. Click Save My Profile once all required boxes (*) are filled in
  5. Choose one of the following options:
  • New Collegiate Membership in SWE: $20 (1 year membership)
  • Collegiate to Career Membership in SWE: $50 (Entire collegiate career membership!)

  • Click "Continue" and select "Chapter B061 - California,State University, Long Beach"
    Click "Continue" and pay fee using your credit card

How to sign up for SWE National Membership.pptx