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Vote for SWE CSULB Officers

posted Mar 7, 2010, 2:40 PM by Caitlin Rubia   [ updated Oct 26, 2012, 12:57 AM by Webmaster CSULB SWE ]
Below are messages from the candidates. Please vote by April 11.
If you are interested in voting but have not received an email with the link to vote, please do the following:
1. Join SWE at
NOTE: If you have two or more years left at CSULB, it is recommended to join SWE via Collegiate to Career (C2C). This is a one time $50 fee that will allow you to be a SWE member for all of undergraduate years, graduate years and your first year as a professional with no additional membership fees. For more information, see .
2. Print out confirmation email that you are a member and bring this to the SWE room (EN2-102)/ give form to Ellen Skow or another officer informing them that you are now a member and would like to have the link to vote. A list of Officers can be found here.

List of candidates:
  • President
    • Anna Betancourt
    • Cristina Avila
  • Vice President
    • Deedee Banh
  • Treasurer
    • Belen Olloqui
  • Secretary
    • Daniela Cruz
    • Anel Correa
  • Outreach Chair
    • Ashlee Espinoza
    • Victoria Johnston
  • Industry Chair
    • Diana Tom
  • Historian
    • Ariana Aguirre
  • Webmaster
    • Katie Johns
  • AESB Representative
    • Jessica Avila
  • Involvement Chair and Publicity Chairs!
    • Open
Anna Betancourt

I am finishing my second year as Aerospace Engineering major. Currently, I am serving as the secretary for our SWE chapter and have been a member since my first semester of college at CSULB. I have also served AESB representative for AIAA for over a year and am a Tau Beta Pi eligible.

This past year as secretary I have actively participated with the various responsibilities of being an officer in our SWE chapter. As secretary I have been in charge of writing the weekly article informing all our SWE members of all the activities and events of that week, working closely with the current president to assist her with correspondence with members and other organizations, and attending both the SWE regional and national conferences. 

I would like to serve as our chapter’s president because SWE has been a major part of my entire college life and I want to help it continue to grow so that all of the benefits that I have gotten from being a member are received by many more women. My goal is to work with all our members and officers to see that SWE continues to be a supportive community for students and a strong force that encourages women to pursue engineering. I want to keep our chapter well connected with the campus, college, and national organization and to keep CSULB SWE distinguished as beneficial organization to our college and university. 

-Anna Betancourt

Cristina Avila

    SWE is not just another organization on campus, it is a well known organization around Southern California for its potential and activities. It needs to be well take care of and taken to the next level; such as putting our name out there and helping other SWE chapters through chapter development. I would take the time and dedication to not let SWE fall and continue what our current president is doing. Another factor I would like to focus on is bringing in these ladies positively closer and motivated to become one and contribute to the dean's plan of making the college of engineering 40% strong women.

Daniela Cruz

I am a junior majoring in Electrical Engineer with an option in Biomedical Engineering. I have been involved with SWE for the last year, and I am currently the Co-Publicity Chair of this organization. Being part of SWE has given me the opportunity to grow as an individual and as a professional in many levels, including industry awareness, outreach efforts, and most importantly, friendship. For this reason, I want to give back to this amazing organization by running for Secretary and help promote engineering in female students. I believe I am qualified for this position because I am organized, responsible, and familiar with the administration of the society because of my involvement last year.  One of my main goals as secretary would be to increase industry awareness in members by introducing the “Company of the Week” section in the SWEkly e-mail. This brief section will contain important facts on a particular company to encourage members to do more research on that company.

Thank you all for reading this bio! I hope you consider me as a good candidate for Secretary.
Anel Correa 
    I would like to be SWE secretary next year because I want to be more involved and not just be an active member. I been involved in SWE for the past 2 years, watching closely what occurs, the dynamics of the officers and chair members, and how actions are executed. I don't have previous experience as an officer in SWE, however, I have been in chair and office positions for organizations before. I would like to gain the experience and knowledge to become VP, or better yet, President of SWE in the future. I have effective organization and communication skills that are important in running for such position. It is important that officers communicate their thoughts and opinions on every issue, that's why my plans as secretary is to create effective communication methods between officers and also the members. It is because of members like myself, that this organization has been going strong on our campus for years now. With all the ideas, opinions, and comments from SWE as a whole, we can make our chapter of SWE at Long Beach, be one of the greatest. We already have events that are nationally recognized, and I'm sure with the help of everyone, together we can make a difference. 
    By being a woman in an engineering major, SWE is very important to me. I feel that SWE has the potential to influence myself and others on how the world views women in the engineering field. Engineering is known to be a difficult major, and it is common to hear the saying " must have tough skin to be an engineer." I believe that this is true; to be in engineering you must be willing to sacrifice, work countless hours, and always have the desire to learn. Working with SWE requires the same mentality. There will be days when we must sacrifice activities, events, and personal time to accomplish an objective. We will work countless hours to create events, meetings, and even presentations and so forth. Also, we must be willing to learn from each other and especially from our mistakes. I am willing to take on this challenge and turn it into a rewarding life experience. I am confident that I have the requirements, mentality, and positive attitude that is required as SWE secretary. I will go into this position as a member and a student who wants to make a difference and accomplish amazing things in this organization and in the industry.

Thank You,
Anel Correa :]

Ashlee Espinoza

My name is Ashlee Espinoza, I am a second year Aerospace engineering student. I am running for the 2010-2011 position of Outreach chair.  I currently serve as the AESB representative for SWE as well as the coordinator of e-LIFE, the freshmen mentoring program.  If I am to be elected as outreach chair my goals are to always keep the community engaged, create programs that will assist women who are interested in becoming engineers, and to perpetuate the traditions of SWE's outreach.  I believe that SWE has established many successful events over the years, such as Women Engineers at the Beach Day, which is celebrating its 10th anniversary this year, that are concurrent with the mission of SWE as a national organization. Events such as these not only foster support for current women engineers, but those that hold the potential also.  Keeping the public aware of SWE's cause is essential to exemplify the principles of SWE. Thank you. 

Victoria Johnston

Hello my name is Victoria Johnston and I am running for Outreach Chair. I am going to be a 2nd year student in the fall and I am capable and willing, to be the outreach chair. I volunteered at women at the beach day and another outreach event and I definitely enjoyed it. I like showing young women that engineering is an option, and over all I really enjoy interacting with them. I want to be more involved in SWE and I feel for me personally outreach chair is a great way to start. When I heard of engineering I thought it’s only for smart people, those who did very well in math and were advance, I was never  in any advance math class but I chose to go into engineering because I know it’s going to be a challenge. I am very motivated, outgoing and if I want something done I will make sure it gets done. I know being out reach chair is going to be a tad bit difficult but I am very determined to do my best if I am elected. Thank You:)

Diana Tom

I am running for an officer position because I really want to get more involved with SWE. I am new to it and heard from everyone that its a great way to be involved and get to know everyone in SWE. I want to expand my networking with the school and the Engineering part of campus. I loved volunteering for Woman's Engineering day, and would love to continue to be more involved in those type of events that really expand the Engineering passion to other future women Engineers.

Ariana Aguirre

My name is Ariana Aguirre and I'm majoring in computer science.  This is my second year at CSULB and I've decided that I want to get more involved with organizations on campus. The position of historian (Official Picture-Taker) sounds like the perfect position for me.  I love to take pictures of friends/family/events so that I can look back and remind myself of the good times I've had.  Having pictures of SWE events is not only valuable in order to remember, but they can be used to encourage other students to join in on the fun. So vote for me and if you see me around, remember to SMILE!


Candidates without an entry are unopposed and felt it was unnecessary to submit a bio. Enjoy!

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