Meet our Historian, Gabriela Murrieta!

Gaby is a third-year Biomedical Engineering student here at CSULB. She joined SWE in Fall 2020, during the pandemic when she was able to fit it into her schedule! Gaby was constantly encouraged by her advisors and classmates to join SWE, so she was very excited to have become a member.

Gaby is currently pursuing her passion for cardiovascular research under Dr. Ga-Young Kelly Suh's Cardiovascular Research Club and conducting research in 3D printed stents.

Gaby is a human rights activist and a vegan enthusiast. she also enjoys roller skating and creating art!

Why did you pick your major?

"I picked Biomedical Engineering because it felt like a mixture of what I loved: Medicine and Engineering. Biomedical Engineering is a strong foundation for the future endeavors I might pursue, like Graduate or Medical school, all in the hopes of helping as many people as I possibly can. "

What is your favorite course?

"BME 311: Biomedical Signal Processing. Thus far, it has introduced me to a new side of electrical engineering that I really enjoy! "

Why are you in SWE?

"SWE has become a safe space for me as a Latina Engineer. Its members have inspired me to continue to pursue engineering despite the lack of Hispanic and female representation within engineering. They have shown me I am not alone and have mentored me throughout college thus far. "

Advice for women in STEM:

"Constantly aim to push yourself into becoming the best person you can be. Despite the occupation or the career you plan to pursue, don't be afraid to be yourself, challenge the status quo, and make society more inclusive. "

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