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Meet our Membership Chair, Evelyn Meza!

Evelyn Meza is a junior at California State University Long Beach where she is currently pursuing a degree in Biomedical Engineering. She joined SWE during her freshman year and is currently the membership chair. Evelyn is very passionate about equal representation within STEM fields.

This summer she was an R&D intern for Inari Medical, a medical device company where she executed FDA testing to receive approval on a blood returning system amongst other things. In her free time she enjoys watching movies/tv shows, spending time with family and bullet journaling.

Why did you pick your major?

"Becoming an engineer is an aspiration of mine because they are the inventors of ingenious solutions. Engineering has inspired me to learn how things function and solidify my passion for creating. It has inspired me to constantly ask questions and look for advancement in a variety of ways, fueling my affinity for problem-solving. The thought of bettering someone's life is directly proportional to my happiness which convinced me to follow the biomedical engineering pathway. "

What is your favorite course?

"You are worth more than your grades. Expand your social network and be yourself because you will attract people like yourself. Asking for help does not make you weak, it just provides a different point of view to the same problem. "

Why are you in SWE?

"SWE has built a community of strong female leaders that I can look up to. It has expanded my professional career and allows me to educate the younger generations. I want to be an example to anyone who is a minority and a woman to inspire them to pursue a major in STEM-related fields. "

Advice for women in STEM:

"To all the women in engineering, do not be intimidated by all the men in engineering! Don’t be discouraged just because the majority of your major classes consist of guys. You deserve to be in there as much as they do, so show everyone what you’re capable of! And to every college student in STEM, power through your degree! Keep moving forward, persevere, and always work towards your end goals. You got this!"

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