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Meet our Membership Chair, Stephanie Vaca!

My name is Stephanie Vaca and I am a third-year Computer Engineering major at CSULB.

Some fun facts about me are that I was membership chair shadow in SWEet Committee during my first year of college and SWE Publicity Chair during my second year. I am fortunate to continue on the SWE Officer Board this year as Membership Chair.

Why did you pick your major?

"I chose my major because of my experience with Python Programming and I was fascinated with what I could create through simple lines of code. However, I wasn’t only drawn to programming, I also liked the hands-on aspect of working and putting together hardware. With computer engineering, I am able to work with hardware and program at the same time. It is a perfect balance. I also had an influence in choosing the engineering field from my uncle, Jonathan Flores, who majored in civil engineering and is a CSULB alumni. Him and I have always bonded over engineering and he remains to be one of my greatest inspirations. "

What is your favorite course?

"CECS 347, Embedded Systems II "

Why are you in SWE?

"I joined SWE because I was interested in finding a supportive community. As a person who graduated high school online and started university online as well, I felt lost. But when I heard of SWE, I knew it would help me feel connected to those around me and when I were to return in person, I could rely on those in the club to help me out in being prepared. SWE has positively impacted my life since joining my first year. "

Advice for women in STEM:

"I recommend for women in STEM to always get out of your comfort zone in order to push yourself, do not be afraid to get uncomfortable. This will lead you to try new things and this can possibly place you in a direction to life-changing opportunities. "

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