Meet our President, Kayla Valencia!

Why did you pick your major?

"When I was applying to colleges, I had no idea what I wanted to major in. I was trying to think about what kind of career I wanted in the future, but nothing came into mind. The only thing that I was sure of was that I wanted to be an engineer. My inspiration to become an engineer came from being a part of engineering clubs prior to college, participating in various STEM competitions/projects, and the whole problem-solving aspect behind engineering. I always love a challenge, and I knew coming in that engineering was not an easy road. So I decided to take a chance and major in Mechanical Engineering! "

Why are you in SWE?

"During freshman year, I made a pact with myself to be involved with one club on campus. Out of all the engineering orgs on campus, SWE stood out the most because not only did SWE’s purpose resonate with me, but everyone in SWE was very welcoming and inviting and super friendly from my first interaction with them."

What is your favorite course?

"Intro to Acting or SolidWorks "

Advice for women in STEM:

"To all the women in engineering, do not be intimidated by all the men in engineering! Don’t be discouraged just because the majority of your major classes consist of guys. You deserve to be in there as much as they do, so show everyone what you’re capable of! And to every college student in STEM, power through your degree! Keep moving forward, persevere, and always work towards your end goals. You got this! "

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