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Meet our Project Manager, Ravneet Pannu!

I joined SWE my first-year and became involved in the SWE-et Committee for project manager. I am also an SI leader on campus for Math 111 and Math 122. In my free time I like to do arts and crafts and watch way too much Netflix.

Why did you pick your major?

"I originally heard of my major during my junior year of high school. I previously never heard of Aerospace Engineering and after hearing it I went home and did my research for my major. I soon realized that Aerospace Engineering was a really cool major and as the years went on and I followed the Aerospace industry I realized how I could make a positive impact with this major. Basically, Aerospace Engineering was something I found really interesting that would also allow me to accomplish one of my goals in life which is to leave a net positive on the world. "

What is your favorite course?

"My favorite course so far was learning about Solidworks. It was my first engineering class and only confirmed to me that I picked the right major. It was challenging at the beginning, but when I finally understood Solidworks, it became so much fun and interesting. Solidworks is like a puzzle, and it was so much fun trying to solve the puzzle and make everything fit. "

What are you doing after you graduate?

"I joined SWE as a first-year when everything was completely online, I am not from Long Beach so I did not know anyone at CSULB. I saw a presentation about SWE and decided to join because I wanted to be able to make friends with other engineering majors and get more connected with the campus. I would say that SWE definitely helped me accomplish these goals. "

Advice for women in STEM:

"My advice for women is don't let that little voice in your head telling you "you can't do this" win, you deserve to be here, and you are capable of whatever subject you are involved in STEM as long as you are truly passionate. "

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