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Meet our Publicity Chair, Deiya Paul

I am a second-year Computer Engineering and Physics major. I picked Computer Engineering because I like learning about and experimenting with hardware. Although it can get overwhelming sometimes, it helps that I enjoy what I do! I started off shadowing the Publicity Chair in my freshman year of college. I was fortunate enough to run and get elected as Publicity Chair for this year and I can't wait to see all the interesting and exciting things SWE has to offer this year!

Why did you pick your major?

"I picked Computer Engineering because it's a very "hands-on" major and because I have always generally liked hardware and circuitry. We get to learn about and model what goes on in the insides of our every-day electronics. In Computer Engineering, we learn about how things work and I believe that that's very important, especially as an engineer."

What is your favorite course?

"Although I haven't been too exposed to all the components and classes of Computer Engineering, I would say that so far, my favorite class is CECS 211, especially the lab. We learn about the fundamentals of circuits as well as some physics concepts regarding electricity. During the lab, we get to build our own circuits and measure quantities such as resistance and voltage, which has been pretty cool."

Why are you in SWE?

"I joined the SWE Committee to connect more with women in STEM and learn about their experiences. It's been a great opportunity for me to be able to meet so many driven women in the engineering field and seeing their dedication also inspires me to keep doing my best in my field. SWE has also given me a lot of opportunities to learn how to grow as a professional."

Advice for women in STEM:

"My advice for women in STEM would be to never doubt yourself and believe in your strengths. It can get discouraging sometimes, but keep your head up and more importantly, keep going."

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