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Meet our Vice President, Diana Davalos!

Diana Davalos is a senior at California State University, Long Beach, majoring in Mechanical Engineering.

Diana joined the SWE-et committee her freshman year and shadowed the Outreach Chair throughout the year. She found supportive and motivating friends in SWE and values the teamwork effort in everything SWE puts out. After running and getting elected for Outreach Chair the following school year, she hosted Women Engineers at the Beach day in Fall 2019. After that, she became a part of the Executive Board as Secretary and organized the biweekly newsletter. Currently, she is the SWE Vice President and cannot wait to help lead the organization this year.

As an undergraduate student, Diana has won the CSUPERB research grant and has researched how impact affects injuries. She's worked as a Student Assistant and is working as an intern at Marvin Engineering. As an intern, she works both at an office and machine shop. She jumps from making drawings to machining shop aids.

In her free time, Diana is a plant mom to 6 plants and enjoys practicing watercolor painting.

Why did you pick your major?

"I knew I wanted to study engineering at an early age but I solidified my decision to pursue mechanical engineering after I looked into the classes required to graduate. The class description interested me the most and drew me into the major. Now, I'm happy to have the freedom of finding a career in so many branches of engineering."

Why are you in SWE?

"Since my first year at CSULB as a first-time freshman, SWE has welcomed me with open arms. I owe SWE for introducing me to so many friendships and for helping me develop professionally during my college career. As a senior now, I hope I can give back what SWE offered to me! "

What is your favorite course?

"My favorite course has been MATH 370A (differential equations). I loved math in high school and I felt that enjoyment in this class."

Advice for women in STEM:

"My advice for women in STEM is to apply for opportunities that interest you even if you don't think you'll get in. As women, we often second guess ourselves and play down our achievements or skills. Apply and you'll be surprised at what comes your way! "

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