Meet our Webmaster, Isabella Dinh!

Why did you pick your major?

"Honestly, I never would have thought that I would pick this major at all. But if I think about it, I always had a love of technology and games when I was little, so I’d like to think that Computer Science is a good fit for me. I was first a biology major, but eventually came to realize that I wasn’t as passionate about it as my peers. I chose Computer Science because I was intrigued, and since then I didn’t look back. "

What is your favorite course?

"My favorite course is back at my community college, OCC. C++ 2 and Data Structures was so cool because I was able to practice efficiency in my code to make it run faster. There were also so many algorithms to learn. "

Why are you in SWE?

"I’m in SWE because in my major, there are literally 2-4 girls in each of my classes. I wanted to be surrounded by people that I relate to as a woman and also, try to encourage other women not to be intimidated by STEM majors. "

Advice for women in STEM:

"Look into Melinda Gates. She’s my muse. "



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