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Hello SWE! We hope that you are doing well in this time of fear and confusion due to COVID-19. However, the best we can do as a community is to STAY AT HOME and practice SOCIAL DISTANCING. We must lessen the amount of people contracting this virus to lessen the workload of our medical personnel who are risking their lives for people in DIRE NEED.

With that being said, we understand that staying home is hard for some of you who are used to doing things. To help our members with ideas on what to do while they are quarantined, SWE will continue to post WIND DOWN WEDNESDAY activities for members and the like to do at home. We will try our best to continue with activities for our members, so stay updated!!

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3/25 Sharpie Tie Dye Bookmarks

What you need:

• A plastic jar (milk jug, juice jug, I used a plastic cookie box), Sharpie markers, Rubbing Alcohol, Cotton ball, Scissors, Hole punch, Ribbon or string, Spray varnish or clear polish

What to do:

1. Cut your plastic jar into a rectangular shape

2. Color your bookmark using the Sharpies

3. Soak the cotton ball in the alcohol

4. Drip small drops of the alcohol randomly over the bookmark using the cotton ball

5. Let the bookmark sit. Do not tilt or all the colors will blend together.

6. If you don’t like the results you can wipe off and try again. Experiment with the amount of alcohol you put.

7. Once you are satisfied with the result, let the bookmark dry completely

8. To prevent the Sharpie Tie Dye from rubbing off use a spray varnish or clear polish. Spray/Paint lightly and quickly.

9. Punch a hole in the top of the bookmark and add ribbon or string.

10. If you have beads or buttons you can also add them for extra decoration.

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4/8 Dream Catchers

What you need:

• Paper Plate, coloring tools (paints, markers, sharpies, crayons, colored pencils), colored construction paper, wrapping tissue paper, crepe paper, paper streamers, glue, Scissors, x-acto knife, decorations (glitter, feathers, beads, plastic jewels, whatever you have is fine, and if you don’t have it no worries)

What to do:

1. Cut a hole in the center of your plate. I used an X-acto knife because it’s a bit easier, but if you don’t have one, you can use scissors. (If you will make the paper spinners save this cutout)

2. Now paint your plate. If you don’t have paint use markers, crayons, whatever you have to add some color. Let dry.

3. Cut some strips of the colored construction paper.

4. Now glue them to the under side of your plate.

5. Now cut some of the wrapping tissue paper (or whatever you’re using) into strips about 8-12 in. These will be the hanging strips.

6. If you have feathers, you can glue some on the ends of the tissue paper strips.

7. You may also add glitter, plastic jewels, or any other decorations.

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4/8 Paper Spinners

What you need:

• Cardboard circles (if you made the dream catcher, use the cutout from the plate, if not you can use any cardboard-cereal box, package box, whatever you have), string, printer paper, markers, scissors, glue

What to do:

1. Cut the cardboard circles, and use this circle as a template to draw two circles on the printer paper.

2. Decorate the circles on your printer paper using the markers (or whatever colors you have).

3. Cut out the paper circles

4. Glue the paper circles on the cardboard, one on each side

5. Poke two holes in the center of the cardboard circle

6. Take a piece of string (about 28 in long) and run the string through the holes and tie them in a knot

7. Put the cardboard circle in the middle, twist the string, now you pull…relax…pull…relax. Have fun!

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4/15 Rainbow Paper Activity

What you need:

  • A bowl filled with water
  • Clear nail polish
  • Black construction paper (quarter sheets work well)
  • Paper towels for drying your artwork

What to do:

  1. Add 1 drop of clear nail polish to the bowl of water. Watch it spread over the surface of the water.
  2. Quickly dip the paper into the water on top of the nail polish.
  3. Set the paper on a paper towel to dry.
  4. Once the nail polish is dry (this only takes a few minutes), tilt the paper at different angles to see the rainbow patterns appear. It’s easiest to see next to a sunny window, and the colors will look even more vibrant as the paper dries.
  5. To make this even better decorate hand made cards with the rainbow paper. You can also cut a white piece of paper the same shape as your rainbow paper, glue it and made note cards of your rainbow paper! Don’t forget to send us a note ;)

Any questions regarding involvement, please contact the Involvement Chair at

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